Saturday, 17 April 2010

WI Result 15/4/10

So this week I actually managed to lose some weight! I lost 1.5lbs, so now down to 16st 5.5lbs! I feel so good for actually having lost some weight for once, and for seeing the results of all my hard work! I'm just hoping I can keep it up, and that I managed to make another loss next week. I've been sticking to the diet, and trying to keep up with the exercise, so hoping for good things to happen!

I'm sort of worried that when I go back to work I'll end up losing my new found motivation to go to the gym, I really hope it won't, but the long hours and the stress of everyone getting to me makes me lazy. I guess I just have to fight through it and try and do as much exercise as I can, then once I get into a routine I should be able to do it a lot easier.

I found that I can still do 2 aqua classes on tuesday and thursday evenings and another on a sunday evening so I won't have to give that up, which I think will be a big help, I need something regular to keep me focused.

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