Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Excercising, Sneak peaks and pre weigh in jitters

So I'm on holiday this week, it's one of the perks of working in a secondary school, getting the holidays off. Last week my best friend Daniel came down and we had a good time, went to stay at a nice hotel in Bournemouth, and as we were on holiday, we ate pretty badly! Cooked breakfasts every morning, 3 course dinners in the evening, and lots of snacks! I decided that I was going to do that and then as soon as he'd gone, I'd draw a line under it!

I had a bit of a slack day on saturday but I hit the ground running and stuck to the diet from sunday morning, other than a bar of choc mum bought back, but I'd been to the gym and had about 10 points spare so I don't think it hit me too much. But since then I've stuck to it, weighed and counted everything, and I'm proud of myself for doing so, because I often struggle!

But, and I know I shouldn't, but I've been sneak peeking at my weight every morning, excited to see how much I've lost, and sadly the numbers aren't coming down like I was hoping.

Because I'm on holiday I'm giving it a major push with the exercise, I have the motivation to go to the gym because I'm not exhausted from work, and I'm pushing myself, whilst at the same tme sticking to the diet.

I'm really hoping for a loss this week, or at least an STS, I know I didn't weigh last week which will mess everything up slightly, and the fact I ate a lot on holiday still needs to be taken into consideration, but I've been struggling for weeks to lose anything, and I REALLY need a loss to get me back on track.

A few weeks ago I tracked and counted everything all week and went to the gym, but ended up staying the same, and I was crushed, especially because my mum managed to lose, it was only the second time I've cried at a WI, but I was really frustrated, and almost felt like giving up, and I'm worried that the same is going to happen this week.

I've also dropped my points as I'm not working so not so active during the day, and I'm really hoping for something good, I so need it this week! I've been stuck in this 16 and a half stone rutt for so long and I just want out of it!

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