Saturday, 13 March 2010

WI Result - 11/3/10

I lost again! Another 1.5lbs off the total, bringing me down to 16st 6lbs! So I only need to lose at least 6.5lbs to be back down into the 15's! I'm hoping to do this before the easter holidays, as I've finally booked a night away at a hotel in Bournemouth with my good friend Daniel (the man with me in previous pictures) and we've purposely booked a hotel with a pool and a sauna etc so we can have a swim!

Mother and I are going for a nice lunch tomorrow in the New Forest for mothers day, I'm going to try and be as good as I can though, because I want to try and lose every week if I can, even if it's only half a pound, it's still taking me that one step closer to my goal!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Good result

I had a good result last week at weigh in, lost 3.5lbs, and finally back to having lost over a stone! It means that I'm finally getting back on track, and shedding the christmas weight. Only another 5.5lbs to go and I'll be back to the weight I was before christmas, and then another 2lbs and I'll be 16st! I'm dying to get into the 15's, I've been stuck in the 16's for what feels like forever!

Monday, 1 March 2010

I made this a while ago, it's a combination of all 3 of the Gladiators camps I went to. The first was in June and I was at my all time heaviest, the second was a month later and I'd lost almost a stone, the third was in October last year and I was around the weight I am now, I gained about half a stone over christmas sadly.

I'm hoping to take my next one soon, when I get to my 10% goal of 15st 12 lbs, still got just under a stone, but I'm being very good and focused at the moment, so I'm hoping this week for a good solid loss to take me into the mid 16's and on the way to my goal!