Monday, 10 August 2009

Aerobics let down

I went to my aerobics class today, as usual, only to find that my usual instructor wasn't there, and we had someone else. She wasn't as good and focused more with toning exercise than actual aerobics, which frustrated me because I use aerobics as a chance to push myself physically, and always find I come home tired but satisfied, but today I really didn't feel I had the chance to push myself, and actually feel the need to do some more exercise at home, just to make up for it!

Other than that it's been alright today, my sis has come home from her weekend away and will be staying here until at least the end of the week. I love her to bits, but she winds me up a treat, I've never met anyone so selfish in all my life. I hope that we can get through this week without any major arguments!

Also getting excited/nervous about tomorrows weigh in, I'm secretly hoping for a big number but the last time I did that I ended up gaining, I don't know whether I could cope with that again!

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Fingers crossed for your first WI tomorrow x