Monday, 1 March 2010

I made this a while ago, it's a combination of all 3 of the Gladiators camps I went to. The first was in June and I was at my all time heaviest, the second was a month later and I'd lost almost a stone, the third was in October last year and I was around the weight I am now, I gained about half a stone over christmas sadly.

I'm hoping to take my next one soon, when I get to my 10% goal of 15st 12 lbs, still got just under a stone, but I'm being very good and focused at the moment, so I'm hoping this week for a good solid loss to take me into the mid 16's and on the way to my goal!

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  1. Hi
    I like your pictures - we have the same 10% goal so I guess started at the same weight - I'm 5ft 4in. I've managed 12lbs so far (since Jan 1st). Good luck with your goals.